Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. I'm flattered that you're here.

As the copy manager for Grand Canyon University's award-winning advertising agency, I help develop concepts and copy for marketing campaigns that span all mediums (print, web, social, display, podcasts, radio and collateral).

I have lived my entire life in the Southwest (Arizona mostly) but still consider myself very much a California girl. 

Before agency life, I was the marketing and communications manager for ON Media, publisher of arts and theater programs in Arizona, WhereTraveler magazine and the Arizona Golf Association member magazine.

At ON Media, I helped develop and launch onstageaz.com, Arizona's premier arts and culture event calendar which won Best Guide to Local Virtual Arts Events by Phoenix Magazine in 2020.

The first half of my career was in food. I started in the corporate offices of The Coca-Cola Company and Starbucks Coffee Company in their foodservice divisions working with local restaurants and eventually moved closer the source of what we eat!

I worked for a CSA produce farm for almost 10 years and after that, I co-founded the award-winning Uptown Farmers Market. During that time, I contributed over 300 (mostly) food-related articles for Phoenix New Times.

I'm a pretty good home cook and former college-radio DJ who loves fizzy drinks, spending time with my family and friends, Bob Corritore's radio show Those Lowdown Blues, documentaries, CBS Sunday Morning, popcorn with real butter and stories that inspire others to make a difference.

Reach out if you have a video script, email sequence or anything you might need copy assistance with—I'd love to chat more and see if I can help! 


PS. If you aren't necessarily looking for my copywriting services, but you have a great new band you think I should hear about...or an amazing recipe I should try, toss me a note! I'd love to hear about it.